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As a small and blossoming nonprofit, the Imagination Library of Denver has ongoing requests elections for new members of our Board of Directors. These two-year terms are staggered and openings are available each year. The Board meets monthly and communication continues throughout the month by phone and email, as required. Call-in capabilities exist for those Board Members who cannot attend a meeting in person. The board meeting location is typically held at 10th and Lincoln each month.  

Some attributes of our Board Members include:

Committed to promoting early childhood literacy

Well-connected and possess the technical know-how to raise funds

Responsible, hands-on and results-driven

Politically astute in the legislative arena

Knowledgeable of Colorado literacy rates

Self-confident and enthusiastic

Strategic minded with valuable insight

Dedicated to driving projects and/or participating on working committees

Knows at least 1 song by Dolly Parton.

As a Board Member, your commitment includes:  

A minimum of one 2-year term

Active participation in at least one committee and/or as an Officer

Attend at least 8 of the 12 Board meetings per year, by phone or in-person; Regular Board meetings are 2 hours

On average, non-leadership board members spend 5 - 10 hours each month on ILD activities.

On average, leadership board members spend 10 hours each month on ILD activities.


If you are interested in becoming a Board Member starting in 2020, please join us at a board meeting (if possible), complete this interest form. Any questions can be directed to Sara at

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